The Hilton Brothers – Interview

The Hilton Brothers 2012
© Photo Iara Venanzi



Der DANDY-CLUB hatte die Gelegenheit, mit den Hilton Brothers, das sind Christopher Makos und Paul Solberg, am Rande ihrer Ausstellung Andy Dandy and other works in der Berliner Galerie Hiltawski ein kurzes Interview zu führen.

Da wir das Gespräch in Englisch führten, geben wir es im Original wieder.

DANDY-CLUB: Christopher and Paul, what in your view is a dandy?
The Hilton Brothers: An over-achiever of personal aesthetics. A gentleman who embodies both whimsy and restraint in his inner and outer aesthetics, but always refined.

Do you think, Andy Warhol was a dandy?
No not really. A Dandy is something very specific and particular, something of a very high consciousness regarding their personal aesthetic, which Andy did not inhabit. And he wasn’t aspiring to be of a certain class, which is often associated with being a Dandy.

What means Andy Warhol in his person and his complete work for the artist today – in the beginning of the 21st century?
He was the quintessential American artist. He was inspired by all things American, which was much different than his peers, who looked to Europe for inspiration.
Campbell Soup, Marilyn Monroe, etc.  This is his main artistic contribution. And secondly merging art and commerce. Commerce as art. Art as business; the business of art. And you see this reflected in his work, such as the dollar sign.

Thank you very much and a good time in Berlin!